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Travel Experience With Truffle Taste

The black truffle is in vogue.

Truffle has lately become an object of desire and one of the most valuable ingredients for the best chefs in the world.

So, if you are a foodie, this is a 1-day experience you shouldn’t miss when travelling to Spain. We can include it into your tailor-made tour or just as a 1-day experience from Barcelona or Zaragoza.

There’s an area in the North of Spain called Aragon, right below the Pyrenees mountains, which gathers all the necessary soil and weather characteristics for truffle growing, apart from many other hidden secrets such as Medieval villages and castles, wineries, birds of prey, charming little mountain villages and stunning natural landscapes.

Truffle hunting is a unique and unforgettable winter activity. An expert truffle hunter and his trained dogs will go with you for a walk around the fields of holm oaks smelling and finding all the truffles growing in the roots of these trees.

After this, you will be taught how these products are processed and how other culinary products such as olive oil or rice can be “truffled”.

If weather is fine, a country lunch can be arranged. Otherwise, a very special lunch consisting in truffled local products can also be arranged in the beautiful village of Alquezar. If you are also a wine lover, we could end up the day with a winery visit in Somontano region.

Who said winter is not for travelling???? As you can see, there are plenty of unique activities to enjoy in winter time…and this is just a small sample. Contact us for more ideas to amaze your customers!

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