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Food in Spain means much more than the mere act of eating, It is the cornerstone of our world.  Part of the eating culture involves “Sobremesa” which means to linger around the table chatting over a drink of coffee or liquor long after food has been served. Food in Spain means culture, a way of life. Family events, community occasions, romantic dates and many other relevant moments take place around a table on which food is the focus.

Spain is home to almost 200 Michelin-star restaurants. We take pride in our culinary specialists who craft thousands of food menus that are set out on tables every day, and which are the result of effort, creativity and the best use of local produce.

There is an endless range of food-related experiences in Spain which go beyond attending a good restaurant.

Some of them involve certain activity and a natural environment: a fishing tour, truffle hunting in the countryside, mushroom hunting in the forest, horse riding in the olive groves…

Some of them are more quiet and urban, such as a visit to a traditional market. Here, together with a reputable chef, you can buy some of the best local produce to then go hands-on cooking in a great location, such as a 5-star hotel with views to the sea or in a terrace with views to a Cathedral.

But what all of them have in common is that all our food experiences will allow you to get the best insider access and local insight. Get inside a family-run cheese factory in an off-the-beaten-track destination, talk to the owner who herds sheep and together with their family, make cheese by hand as was done centuries ago. Get to know a Michelin-star chef and their daily activities, experience a closer approach to the unknown countryside where you will meet authentic local people, spend a morning with a fisherman and learn about their hard work to make a living, step into a fish market and explore first-hand the activity there…

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