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YourTripToSpain&Portugal is a luxury travel agency in which we tailor-make travel dreams in Spain and Portugal for the most discerning travelers.

At YourTripToSpain&Portugal we believe that each person is unique, and so, each travel experience has to be unique. For this reason, we curate our destinations, experiences and local people with the ultimate aim to create lifetime memories and provide you with peace of mind. And all this, with a personal touch, both during the planning and travelling stages.

Attention to detail and travelers’ needs or requirements is one of our cornerstones.


Born and raised between the mountains and the beach in Spain, at a very early age, I started getting a taste of the wide range of things that Spain has to offer to travelers.

After living and travelling around many countries,  I decided that it was about time to settle down in my beloved country and start a project which would allow me to combine my two passions: human relations and travel. And this is how YourTripToSpain was created.

I love listening to my clients, empathize with them, put myself in their shoes, and take wonderful care of them. But I also love getting to know our guides, our artisans, our drivers…So, in the end, when you know both sides, you can perfectly match them and it turns out to be ALL ABOUT PEOPLE.

TRAVELLING is one of my biggest passions and I am on the go as much as I can. I am always in the hunt of new experiences, in search of hidden corners and places, inspecting hotels and feeling and experiencing what I will later recommend to my clients.

During all these trips around Spain and Portugal, photography and Instagram have become one of my best allies and hobbies.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very passionate person and put all my passion into everything I do. So, you can be assured I will put all my enthusiasm and dedication into your customized trip to Spain and Portugal. And much more than that, we are very likely to become friends.


My passion for travel, made me make the decision to obtain my degree in tourism and hotel management, to later become an expert travel agent in Spain.

After traveling to different countries and having the opportunity to live in the United States and Ireland while developing my professional career, I decided to return to Spain to undertake a new and exciting challenge in the world of receptive tourism. I joined my experience, my passion for my work, my willingness to show others the best of my country and I joined the YourTripToSpain project, turning my passion into my profession.

Traveling is my biggest passion, and my goal it is to customize unforgettable trips.

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