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If you are a foodie and you would like to uncover the origins of one of the most valuable produce in Spain, Iberian ham, this is the perfect food experience, just a short drive from Seville!

It is not just a food experience, it is an experience which will let you get go off the beaten path, immersing yourself into the Andalusian countryside, as well as to get an amazing local approach by meeting local people, learn about their lifestyle and uncover Spanish traditions.

Driving north along a windy narrow road, suddenly you get surrounded by grazing lands dotted with holm oaks. It’s the the ideal natural paradise for Iberian pigs. 

It is where they are bred, having each 1 hectare per pig. So, as you can see, they live comfortably and healthy with lots of space and acorns.

This is all they need to become purebred Iberian pigs and one of the healthiest meat in the world. 

After strolling around the pastures, you will learn about the curing process and will end up the tour with a memorable tasting paired with wine. The intensity of the scent and taste of Iberico ham is something difficult to forget!

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