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Tania, what is the first place that you want to visit after Coronavirus lockdown is over?

After being locked in my apartment for such a long time, I can’t wait to go to a place where plenty of nature and endless sceneries prevail. 

I can’t think of a better destination than the Spanish Northern Coast, with its tiny charming villages, green natural landscapes, small hidden beaches and the sound of the waves crashing against the cliffs. 

In all my previous trips to the North of Spain I stayed at the same place for several days, but now I feel a real desire for a long car route stopping in different charming towns and villages along the coast. I would like to travel from the Basque Country to Galicia, driving through Cantabria and Asturias. No rush, no busy schedule, no crowded places. Just relax and enjoying the feeling of being outside, the feeling of freedom, which we have learnt to appreciate so much during this lockdown. 

It would also be a special trip, since it would be our first northern trip as a family of three, bringing our toddler and showing him all the beautiful places we have been talking about so much during these long days at home. I can only imagine his genuine childish delight of everything he is going to see, taste and experience during this trip. 

No doubt, our first stop would be at Iani and Jon´s, our good friends and great experts in the Basque Country. Not to reinvent the wheel, we would just get carried away by their local insights and experience of showing people hidden gems of San Sebastian and their region. I am sure they will take us to the most picturesque places, all popular movies shooting sites, the best pintxos bars in the area and some beautiful hidden beaches that only locals know about.

Of course we can’t miss a visit to Cabarceno Wildlife Park in Cantabria, it would be something special for our kid to be able to spend a day with more than a hundred animal species from the five continents that live in almost natural environment.  

Another thing I am dreaming of is hiking in Picos De Europa National Park and enjoying breathtaking views of Covadonga lakes in Asturias. 

And of course, being so close, we wouldn’t miss a chance to walk the last part of Saint James Way in Galicia. 

Tania, why did you choose this place?

  • My husband and I are in love with nature and it is so unique in the North of Spain. This enchanting mix of green lush landscape and ocean blue water invites you to relax, meditate and recharge. 
  • To show something you love to your kid is like to live the same feeling again for the first time. And it would be amazing to do it in the North of Spain. And it is not only about seeing things, but learning about them and resetting your outlook by this new experience. 
  • Besides all the negative aspects of COVID-19 lockdown, there is something good we can take out of this: our land is beautiful and there are so many things to see without going far abroad. It is just the perfect moment to set off our Spanish trip. 

Would you like to learn more about the destinations that Tania will be travelling to? Click here for the Basque Country and here for Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.

Would you like to get a customized itinerary along the northern coast of Spain? Contact us!

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