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Madrid boasts one of the best and most varied culinary offer in Spain. From centenary taverns to innovative Michelin-star restaurants, its food scene is absolutely endless and for all tastes. 

Here go some of the iconic venues and local food suggestions:

RESTAURANTE BOTÍN: Said to be the oldest restaurant in the world, if you wish to taste traditional cuisine in a “historical” place, this is a must! Do not miss the underground wine cellars, which used to be connected with some other parts of the city by tunnels. This emblematic restaurant was opened in 1725 and it used to be one of Hemingway’s  favorite restaurants while he lived in the city, Here, their roast sucking pig is the star dish.

MICHELIN-STAR RESTAURANTS: Madrid is home to some of the most renowned and best Michelin-star chefs and restaurants. In all of them, a superb food experience is assured!

To name a few: DiverXO by David Muñoz, Coque by Mario, Diego and Rafael Sandoval, DSTAgE by Diego Guerrero, La Terraza del Casino by Paco Roncero, Ramón Freixa Madrid by Ramón Freixa…

CALAMARI SANDWICH: Madrid has no sea. So, it may shock that calamari sandwich is one of the typical bites in the city! Anyway, Madrid is the second largest fish market in the world. This calamari sandwich is a very simple recipe: just that, calamari and plain bread. No sauce, nothing else…just the flavor of calamari…DELICIOUS!!! And any time of the day is good to grab one at Bar La Campana, whose only specialty is this! They do not make anything else!

MADRID STEW: Madrid’s traditional chickpea stew is the perfect fit for a chilly winter touring day in Madrid. It is offered by many restaurants in their daily menu and be sure it will warm you up!! And do not be surprised when you are served three different pots, since we eat it separately. The soup with noodles, the plate with the chick-peas and other vegetables used for cooking the stew; and finally, the meat which has also been set apart after cooking the stew. La Bola, Malacatín or Casa Carola in Madrid are great places to taste this delicious local dish.

CHOCOLATE WITH PORRAS AND CHURROS: Hot chocolate with churros and porras is probably one of the best preserved traditions in Spain. Sundays and some winter afternoons are popular among locals for such a snack! San Gines is the oldest and most emblematic “chocolateria” in Madrid.

SAN MIGUEL OR SAN ANTON MARKET: Markets are the foodie soul of the cities. In Madrid, you will find one market in each neighborhood. So, if you really want to have a view of seasonal produce, local daily life, etc., you can’t miss a visit to a market. But lately, markets in the city center have also become a tasting point. In San Miguel and San Anton, you will find the perfect places to taste many of these local produce and also elaborated recipes. 

COOKING WORKSHOP: If you love food, you should to go deeper into Spanish cuisine and learn how to cook some of the most traditional dishes, such as a paella. First, together with a chef, you will plunge into a local market and local vendors for getting the ingredients. Then, you will go hands on cooking some of the popular Spanish dishes. It will be one of a lifetime memory, not only because it will be an unforgettable experience, but also because you will be able to cook these dishes at home and surprise your family and friends for the rest of your life!

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