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Being our home, we can’t say enough about this wonderful region!

Strategically located between Madrid, Barcelona and the Basque Country, it is the perfect escape from the city for a few days. It is considered the natural paradise of Spain and we can assure that the beauty of its mountains and National Parks never disappoints. Nor does the charm of its very well preserved Medieval castles and villages. It’s like travelling back in time, but being surrounded by outstanding natural scenery.

So, this region becomes the ideal destination for some thrilling adventures such as skiing in winter, or rafting, paragliding, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding in summer. But it also becomes the ideal destination for relaxing and enjoying the views, as well as some of its natural hot springs or yoga experiences.

Its capital city, Zaragoza, also boasts a great and varied architecture, as well as an outstanding food scene. 

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