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Spain – the Place to Enjoy First Rate Beaches

What do you think if we tell you that Spain has 686 beaches where you could spend a sunny holiday? Too wide range to choose, right? Don’t worry, leave that difficult task to us, we will help you decide which coast is better for you according to your profile and what you are expecting from your beach holiday.

It is unreal the huge range of sublime beaches that you can find in Spain, either in the Mediterranean Sea, the Cantabrian Sea or the Atlantic Ocean.

From North to South, let us show you some examples of these seaside paradises.

The unknown secret beaches in Northern Spain:

The waters of the North of Spain are known for wave lovers and cold water enthusiasts. Furthermore, travelers looking for the perfect picture will also find beautiful landscapes where mountains merge with the sea along the Cantabrian coast. Our favorite beach spots in the area are:

– Itzurun Beach in the Basque Country – 

Time and erosion are the sole creators of this magic setting: Playa de Itzurun. In this one-of-a-kind spot, the continuous punch of the sea against the stones has designed an incredible scenery where waves have a unique crystal color.

– Carnota Beach in Galicia – 

If you want to enjoy an eternal sunset while you have a romantic dinner in front of the sea, Carnota Beach and the lighthouse at Punta Insua could be your dream destination. More than six kilometers of beach that will surely give you a true sense of the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean.

Along the Mediterranean Coast:

Many travelers discover the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea through its charming seaside villages, beaches and coves. Our suggestions are:

– Cadaqués in the Wild Coast, Girona – 

Due to its inimitable terrain, Cadaques Bay and the Natural Park of Creus Cape have some of the most unique beaches of Spain. If you are looking for diversity, this area could be your destination. This town and its surroundings offer rocky coves with difficult access, vibrant beaches with trendy bars, restaurants along the promenade as well as isolated coves with exclusive water access. A little bit of everything for all tastes, but without any doubt, a luxury experience.

– Beaches of Tabarca, Alicante – 

Tabarca island is located an hour away by boat from Alicante city. Once there, your sailing experience will continue across its coves and beaches. But the experience does not only involve water and beach, let yourself be seduced by the marine flavors with a traditional paella and seafood lunch at its picturesque harbor.

South of Spain: a combination of cultural heritage and beach

You will be amazed by the vast cultural and heritage remains of South of Spain such as the Royal Alcazar of Seville or the Alhambra palace of Granada . These cultural and historical destinations could be perfectly combined with a few days in gorgeous and endless beaches such as:

– Matalascañas Beach in Almonte, Huelva – 

Among all beaches in Almonte, Matalascañas beach is one of the most acclaimed in the village since it is suitable for all kind of travellers.

Along the beach, you will find areas with exclusive beach resorts and leisure facilities, as well as wild areas of virgin beaches that will conquer the most romantic travelers. On top of this, Matalascañas beach has foot access to Doñana National Natural Park, a paradise for bird watching, fishing experiences and romantic horse rides along the beach.

– Valdevaqueros Beach in Tarifa, Cadiz – 

At the bottom of the Peninsula, in the most southern part of Spain, the Valdevaqueros beach is worth a visit. It is an endless beach located away from big villages and huge resorts. This setting makes this beach a wild, unspoiled and virgin destination from where the African coast views are wonderful.

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