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If you want to get a real taste of the Mediterranean Sea, these idyllic islands are your perfect match. 

Mallorca is the biggest and the one with the largest and most varied offer of things to do and see. So, it becomes the ideal choice for any type of traveller.

Here, apart from enjoying the beach, you will also be able to explore mountains, vineyards, olive groves, cook, sail, dive, make traditional espadrilles…

Ibiza is known for its night party, but Ibiza is much more than that. Ibiza is also synonyms of relax and secluded beaches, as well as traditional small towns and street markets.

Menorca is the paradise for those who love slow life and sustainable tourism. Wonderful coves, some of them just reachable hiking or from the sea, won’t let you down. 

It is also a place where traditions have been very well preserved: cheese makers and leather artisans are some of the oldest professions in the island.

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