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Benasque, Adventure Among The Clouds

Spanish Pyrenees, Benasque Valley, Aragon

This spectacular valley located in Aragon is the one with the largest list of three thousand-metre peaks in the Pyrenees.

But what really characterizes it is its vast adventure offer. It is considered the adventure sports’ paradise and it fills all visitors up with emotions.


Posets-Maladeta Natural Park

It’s the jewel of the valley, a festival of three-thousanders, glaciers, tarns and waterfalls. The range of excursions available is infinite and for any level, even for families with children.

Hiking, climbing, skiing in winter…any mountain activity is possible here.

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One of the most addictive activities in the valley is the chance to soar through the sky. Due to its air conditions, Castejon de Sos is one of the meccas for paragliding. And of course, no need to say that the view from up there is astonishing.

Anciles, a walk though ancient times

The historical isolation of the valley has make it preserve its own cultural heritage, such as a native language called patues or a typical architectural style based on the use of stone and slate. There are several small villages, such as Anciles, which look like a fairy tale village.

Biking with no limits

In this precipitious valle, biking is a very good option to access to extremely beautiful viewpoints. But no need to be BTT trained and in very good shape, as electric bikes are also available and make these beautiful settings available to all publics. There are guided biking tours which ride visitors to high summits, but also through culture and even gastronomy.

Descent biking routes also available.

High Spanish gastronomy

This region offers the best raw materials which will later be transformed into the most delicious dishes. Vegetables are fresh and ecologically grown in this area, but meat is also one of the cornerstones of the valley’s diet. On the one hand, beef is delicious, as cows have been bred from mountains’ graze lands. On the other hand, the best game can be tried in many restaurants of the valley.


With snow melting, we can expect brave waters…and that means lots of adventure for those who like practising white-water rafting. This activity can be adapted to all type of publics depending on the area where it is practised, even for families.


Benasque valley is one of the top destinations for family tourism. There are lots of activities prepared for children, such as for example learning to recognise vegetation and animals.

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