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Historical Accommodation in Spain

Spain has such a long and rich history, as well as so many well-preserved heritage sites, that it is easy to feel that you have travelled back in time.
However, althought there are exclusive private visits, almost all historical sites have to be visited while other travelers are there too.

But this changes when you enter a historic room which is just for you and where furniture and decoration are the same as centuries ago. When you are accommodated in a historical building where time seems not to have gone by is when you have the unique experience of travelling back in time.

You will feel as real kings and queens when you sleep in a bed with a canopy, made of wood brought from the Americas centuries ago, in a room where Columbus was accommodated when raising funds for his trip to America, in a room where former Kings also slept…unique accommodations full of history and stories. This is where you will get the real essence of history and you will feel as real characters of it.

It can be an old monastery or a convent, an old defensive fortress, a palace, a castle…regardless what is the past of the historical buildings, spending the night in them will be the icing on the cake to a fabulous touring day.

No matter which area of Spain you want to visit, we will make your stay unique, day and night.

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