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Porto is a fascinating city with a great historical past. It is the second largest city in Portugal and, listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, it is becoming one of the trendiest cities in Europe.

The labyrinth and narrow cobbled stone streets of the old city center and the old houses at the Ribera district will take you back in time. From the top of the Tower dos Clerigos, you will be able to enjoy the best views of the city. Admire the tiles on the walls of the cathedral, churches and the train station while you walk toward the Douro district.

By the Douro River, on one side you will find a promenade with traditional restaurants, and on the other side, at Vila Nova de Gaia, you will find the Port wine cellars, where you will be able to enjoy incredible wine tours and experiences, as well as sample some of the finest vintage Ports.

During your stay in Porto, you can’t miss a cruise tour on their traditional wooden boats called Rabelos, which offer a different point of view of the city, and from where you will be able to get a closer look at its magnificent bridges.

Not far from Porto you will be able to explore the hidden gem of Aveiro, known as the “Portuguese Venice”. This village boasts a maze of canals flanked by art Nouveau architecture buildings and filled with colorful painted Moliceiros boats, which used to be used to collect seaweed. And if you wish to explore further and get a taste of the Atlantic coast, the iconic beach town of Costa Nova, with its traditional rainbow-striped fishermen cottages is a must.

For nature and wine lovers, another full day escape from the city of Porto will be to explore one of Portugal’s most beautiful regions, the Douro Valley, where Porto wine has been produced for over two thousand years.  It is indeed one of the oldest wine region in the world!

A hike through the vineyards terrace fields overlooking the river, a cruise along the river while you relax and enjoy a wine tasting with breathtaking views, a private visit to a boutique winery, a lunch in a Michelin-star restaurant by the river will all be an unforgettable experience.

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