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The Algarve is the southernmost region in Portugal. Here, the weather is mild and sunny all year round and it is said to be the most beautiful corner in Europe!

The highlight of the region is obviously the stunning coast: pristine turquoise ocean water, golden beaches, sea caves, soaring cliffs…

It is the ideal place for a little dose of adventure: sailing, hiking along the coast and, of course, for surfing. Its coastline stands out as one of the best regions for surfing in Portugal. Above all, the west coast.

Its villages are also very charming, characterized by terracotta roofs, colorful tile or whitewashed facades and lively streets.

However, it is also an epicurean wonderland. Its cuisine is based on fresh fish, but also on local produce such as oranges, olives, almonds and figs. If you are a food lover, visiting a local market and enjoying a cooking workshop in Algarve is a must.

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