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A trip to Spain may mean culture, history, good food, wine…but it also may mean festivals.
Spain is a land of history, a land with plenty of traditions and festivals which have been preserved for centuries. Traditions are deeply rooted in their territories and they are an essential part of their inhabitants’ lives.

Living one of these exciting local festivities will not only give you the chance to feel and enjoy the party vibes, but also to merge with locals as if you were one of them. Immersing yourself in the most vibrant annual experience in a city is, without any doubt, something not easy to forget.

In Spain there are all types of festivals: some last just for one day, such as the bonfires in St. John’s Eve, but some others go on for several days or weeks, such as the Fallas in Valencia or El Rocío pilgrimage in Andalucia. There are pagan festivities such as the April Fair in Seville and religious festivities such as the Holy Week in Andalucia.

Witnessing San Fermin bull running or Seville’s Holy Week parades from a privileged private balcony, dress up a traditional costume and have insider access to the April Fair in Seville or be part of the flowers offering to the Pilar Virgin in Zaragoza are some of the things that will definitely fill up your trip with unforgettable experiences.

And if you are very curious, go beyond the festivities and step in their backstage: learn about their preparation process, meet their principal actors…learn how the “castellers” are trained for the human towers, go inside one of the fraternities in Seville and learn about their passion and work for the Holy Week, visit a traditional “castañuelas” workshop, a tailor of “bullfighting” costumes…

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