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Your company did an amazing job! Everything that you arranged for us was absolutely perfect.

Can I start off with Oscar, our driver throughout Spain. What a wonderful man, we all fell in love with him. He was so professional, always smiling, so pleasant, always went out of his way to please us. It wasn’t on the schedule, but the men in our group mentioned once to Oscar that they would love to see a bullfight but weren’t sure how to go about it, where they could find one. A few hours later, Oscar had researched it , happened to be one in Seville that night and organised everything. All the boys went and took Oscar with them. For them, it was the highlight of their time in Spain! When we had to say goodbye to him in Granada, we were all so sad. He contributed to our holiday being as wonderful as it was. Truly a gentleman. A credit to your company.

All the hotels you chose for us were wonderful. The location was always spot on, the rooms were beautiful and spacious enough, they were all lovely hotels.

Each tour in each city was great, very informative. And each guide we were assigned was fantastic. Madi in Madrid was great, she even taught us how to hold a Spanish fan correctly, and how to hold it when you’re angry with someone!

In Toledo we had Imma. Oh my goodness, I am not exaggerating when I say she was absolutely amazing. She was so knowledgable, and so passionate about her work. She had us so interested in everything. Because of our Greek heritage, we all knew about El Greco and had done a little research prior to our tour, but she added so much more. We all got emotional when we saw his painting in the Toledo cathedral, and alot had to do with the way Imma presented everything to us. Our tour actually went over by nearly an hour, and she didn’t charge us for it (we of course tipped her as we did with all our guides). Again, a credit to your company.

Miriam, again wonderful in Seville. Every guide went out of their way to add a little extra to the scheduled tour.

In Granada we had Marian. She was so lovely. She even promised to name her unborn child (she was pregnant) after me ! We had 2 tours booked with her, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It was so hot that day. She was able to change things around so we did the tour one after the other, and as much as possible from our vehicle with Oscar as the driver, given the high temperatures. She was so accommodating.

Your guides were all so fantastic.

You have done a wonderful wonderful job. You have an amazing company and rest assured we will be highly recommending you to all of our friends, because everything was just PERFECT.

It was a lot or organising, alot of emails, but you could not have done a better job. Thank you so much, from all of us.

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