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Our trip to Spain was all that we hoped it would be. A view of the culture, it’s diversity, history and richness has made us desire to return.

Patricia did a masterful job making our desired results a reality. We had a very diverse list of things we wanted to see and experience: history, culture, nature, etc.: and she spent a lot of time refining our itinerary to maximize each one.

She booked us in small hotels right in the center of historical areas so that we could easily, in our free time, explore the everyday life of the beautiful cities and villages we visited.

Our guides, Elena, Raul, Julio, Christina, Miguel and all of the others were passionate about their love for their city, region, and Spain as a whole; and they had deep knowledge of the places they guided us through.

All of our travel coordination was seamless and not stressful.

I cannot begin to more highly recommend Patricia and her team.

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