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Family travel is one of the most challenging travels for a travel advisor like us. However, we love challenges and families. So, we can ensure that you will enjoy your ideal family travel around Spain!

The first and most important thing is to get to know you: we need to know about your family, about your kids, their ages, your interests, your needs…This way, we will make sure we fine-tune the right itinerary with the right destinations, experiences and pace of travel.

It is very important to combine all these factors in the right way to make sure that we get the right balance between adults and kids’ enjoyment so that all members of the family are happy, enjoy the trip and keep lifetime memories.

Spain is a country which offers an endless range of experiences for families especially designed for them and carefully curated by our travel agency’s family travel expert team, either in the cities, in the countryside, in the mountains, by the beach…

But apart from that, as we always say, it is all about people. So, by picking the right family-friendly guides, the success of the experience is assured!

Furthermore, Spain has a great rail infrastructure and when travelling with kids, trains become one of the most enjoyable and comfortable way to travel.

Finally, picking the right hotel and the right room type which fits your family needs is crucial.

A travel advisor can always save lots of time, lots of money and give you peace of mind, but when it comes to family travel, using a travel advisor becomes a must.

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