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Due to its varied range of destinations (cities, mountain, beach, small villages…), great offer of accommodation (hotels, apartments, villas…) and huge spectrum of experiences (adventure, relax, family friendly activities and places, etc.), Spain is the perfect destination for a memorable family trip!

Regardless the profile of your family (age of your kids, interests, special needs and requirements…), we will make sure that your trip is fully designed in order to please all the members of your family and you have a wonderful memorable family trip.

Destinations and experiences will be picked according to your family interests. Slow travel destinations for those with little kids, cosmopolitan cities and adventure destinations for teenagers, food experiences for foodie families, etc.

Travelling with kids does not necessarily mean refusing to adult experiences. The key is to find the balance between both.

We can personalize our private guided tours with our great guides, who know how to pass on knowledge into adults at the same time that they keep kids’ attention. Tours can be adapted in terms of duration, easy to understand language, monuments to visit… Our gymkhana tours are for example a great success, as they allow all family members to learn at the same time that they all have a great fun family time.

There are also some special activities which let kids immerse themselves into Spanish culture. You could for example visit Gaudi monuments and then let your kids play to be Gaudi for a while with a mosaic creation, or you could immerse yourselves in Spanish cuisine by having a visit to a market and a cooking workshop.

And there are also some destinations which are the perfect place to release stored energy between or after cities: water sports by the beach, thrilling adventures in the Pyrenees, horseback riding in the olive groves…

And for those parents eagering for a night out, we also arrange babysitting services.

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